So what’s life like at Charterhouse?

Let’s take a walk through your first few weeks…

Sure you’ll take your career to the lofty heights you’ve dreamt about.

And yes the lifestyle you'll lead in Asia's World City will be pretty amazing.

But what’s your day-to-day going to look like?
How about we open your diary and take a look.

Your Schedule

Let's start with your week 1:

We’ll start with a casual meet and greet. Get to know each team member with a quick 早晨.

Then we’ll pop out for a nice lunch with your team.

During the week, we’ll take you through our state-of-the-art cloud based technology solution.

Last but not least, a check in with the team we love the most - Team VDM. They'll feed us and water us and make sure we're paid!

Now for your next few weeks:

We’ll take you through everything Charterhouse. You’ll have plenty of one-on-ones with the managers of every team in the office.

You’ll also have time to get your head around your own role and responsibilities.

Catch up with your colleagues across the teams in our weekly happy hour

And to finish your first month:

Come to your first Charterhouse monthly wrap-up. Each month our MD, Luke, sits down with the team and presents the results, achievements, anniversaries, awards & special mentions of the company for the previous month.

And finally enjoy some wind-down time at our monthly social club! The activities are as diverse as our team, but they're always good fun. Just be aware, that as one of our newest members, you may well be nominated to organise one!

TAKE A deep breath

DIVE right in


We're a pretty eclectic bunch. And that's part of what makes the culture at Charterhouse so interesting. It's energetic. It's vibrant. And it's infectious.

Join us at one of our monthly social clubs and you'll find us, lion dancing, room escaping, archery tagging, unleashing our hidden painting skills or just kicking back to enjoy balloon twisting over happy hour.

See what our team have to say about life at Charterhouse...

Watch Hong Kong Video

Check out our social feed and get a taste of #LifeAtCharterhouse

YOUR career

YOUR call


You have plenty at your fingertips to help you grow at Charterhouse.

There are opportunities to drive your personal growth and education/training programs to further your qualifications. You can also get help with sponsorships and visas if you need.

Work well and you’ll be rewarded well with a variety of financial, travel and team-based bonuses.

The hard-work pays off for the BD day winners!

Celebrating the consultant of the year!

Expecting a record number from Hong Kong to qualify this year

THIS IS WHAT we are made of


We're a pretty motivated
bunch at Charterhouse.


Sure, we work hard. But we play hard too.

We love success. Who doesn’t?

If you’re all about yourself, you’re in the wrong place.

Smart thinking inspires us.

No matter what, always end the day with a smile on your face.

Our values are pretty important to us. While we might be a mix of people from many places, we like to think we’re all on the same page when it comes to what we’re all about and the way we go about things.



We hope so. You’re arguably
working in one of the most
iconic spots on the planet.

Sure, we're lucky to have breath taking panoramic views across Hong Kong and the harbour. But there's more to where we work than just our view that makes it so awesome. Check out the map below and discover our favourite cafes, lunch spots, bars and more... all on our doorstep.

Charterhouse, 33rd Floor, The Centrium, 60 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong


Well there you have it. If you’ve got any questions, get in touch with our MD, Luke for a confidential chat.

Not working here yet? Ask Luke anything you like. Just pop it in an email or LinkedIn message.

Email Luke Luke Phibbs

Or if you prefer, you can send post or give us a call.

Charterhouse, 33rd Floor
The Centrium
60 Wyndham Street
Central, Hong Kong

Tel: (+852) 3151 1317 Mob: (+852) 6019 0141

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